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Interview with Robin Söderling

Let's talk today with former professional tennis player, Mr Robin Söderling, now owner of RS PADEL, the premium padel racket brand from Sweden.   [caption id="attachment_3066" align="aligncenter" width="583"] Robin Söderling holding up the runner's up trophy after loosing against Roger Federer during their French Open tennis men's final match on June 7, 2009 at Roland Garros Stadium in Paris.[/caption]   Robin, may I sum...

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Welcome to the world padel community !

Keen on padel ? Here we try our best to share our passion of padel and give you content about the world development of padel through our articles and interviews of people who makes padel. By joining, the world padel community, you get discounts on padel gear and the chance to find new padel partners and connect with padel players...

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Giveaway / Sorteo : Win the new padel racket VOLT 900

Are you a padel player or a padel coach? Publish your padel profile in the world padel community and be among the firsts to participate on our next premium padel racket giveaway! ***** Giveaway closed! Congratulations to Fernando Oliveira from Portugal who won the Volt 900 ! *****   Take a chance to win the new padel racket VOLT 900! In collaboration with Volt Padel,...

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Interview with a spanish padel champion

Let's talk today with Mr Manuel Fernandez, professional padel player, winner of the spanish championship by teams and former european champion with the spanish national team.   Are you a padel player or a padel coach ? Register here in the world padel community and get discounts on padel gear !   Hi Manuel, could you please introduce yourself to our readers ? Hello I'm Manuel...

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There are numerous companies out there that make padel equipment. These also include sports giants like Adidas. Padel, as a sport, has been around for a long time. Originating from a Mexican beach resort and over 50 years of existence, the game has gone through several developments. While the sport's basic gameplay hasn't changed, the various equipment used to play...

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