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Welcome to the world padel community !

Keen on padel ? Here we try our best to share our passion of padel and give you content about the world development of padel through our articles and interviews of people who makes padel. By joining, the world padel community, you get discounts on padel gear and the chance to find new padel partners and connect with padel players...

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There are numerous companies out there that make padel equipment. These also include sports giants like Adidas. Padel, as a sport, has been around for a long time. Originating from a Mexican beach resort and over 50 years of existence, the game has gone through several developments. While the sport's basic gameplay hasn't changed, the various equipment used to play...

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How To Improve Your Padel Play

Padel is one of the many racquet games sports out there. And just like any of those sports, it is very technical in gameplay. From holding the racquet to your footwork and agility, there are so many aspects of the gameplay you need to pay attention to. Improving on all these helps your overall gameplay improve. Padel, though being a different...

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Presentation of the Padel Racket brand Paddle Coach

Let's talk today with Mr Enrique Vicente Herrero, in charge of the padel racket brand "Paddle Coach", based in Spain, in the city of Córdoba. Hi Enrique, could you please introduce yourself and when did you start working in the Padel business ? My relationship with padel started around 1997, and soon I began to work on the Varlion brand, where I...

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Interview with Marcel Bogaart from

On, we also want to share our padel passion with those who have a business in the padel industry. Let's talk today with Mr Marcel Bogaart, Founder and CEO of Hi Marcel, could you please introduce yourself and your company ? My name is Marcel Bogaart 47 years old and a padel addict. Have you always been an entrepreneur ? I grew...

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